LILApalooza is our annual PA fundraiser. As such, our success is fully dependent on the participation, involvement, and generosity of our parent community. We are currently looking for donations, which can take many forms. Please have a look at our needs below and get in touch with the parent contacts if you'd like to help out.


 Our parent community is varied, we appreciate all donations!


Bake Sale


Calling all parents! The LILApalooza Bake Sale is counting on the efforts of all our parents out there who so generously contribute their baking talents. So come on bring your famous cookies, brownies, quiches, cakes, breads — whatever you love to make to our beloved Bake Sale at LILApalooza. Any questions? Email Michele by clicking on the link, below.




If you would like to donate to the bar, we can only accept monetary sponsor donations via School Cash Online.




In the past, LILApalooza has benefitted from donations from generous parents. From $100 to sponsor a high school student to work the event, purchase a case of wine or pay for clean up to up  $1,000 to sponsor an activity (or more!), we are incredibly appreciative of every donation. 


For check donations, we provide letters of appreciation to the donor for tax purposes. Checks should be given to Cristal Speller, PA Treasurer, made payable to 'International School of Los Angeles', noting 'LILApalooza 2019' in the memo line. Please clarify in a cover note if the check is intended for a particular booth/purpose.





Five ways you can be a part of the auction.

  1. Ask your local spots.

  2. Donate your time or professional service.

  3. Donate an experience. 

  4. Buy an item and donate It. 

  5. Take a couple of kids to work with you and give them the experience of a lifetime!


You can set the rules - how many kids, what age, duration of visit, parents required, etc. 


How To Donate/Solicit an Item

Email Jane Ropell to receive an official auction letter and donation form. Donations may be dropped off with Dominique Jamgotchian in the school office or email Jane to arrange a meeting time. Make sure a donation form is attached. 



Farm Stand


Hey! How's your garden growing? If you have extra fruit or vegetables, bring them to LILApalooza and let us sell them at the Farm Stand. Or better yet, put them in a jar until they pickle, and let us sell the jars. The Farm stand is the place to sell your home-made goods. 100% of proceeds go to LILA. If you give us a dozen of something and we sell it for $10, that's a full $120 that goes to the school. 


Make a label for it! Be creative! Put your family brand in front of hundreds, (hopefully) thousands of people at the fair. Home-made sauces, spirits and mixers, soaps and cosmetics, cakes and cookie mixes. Last year we had natural deoderant! Any thing you want to make is easy to Google and Pinterest is full of packaging ideas. Go crazy! And don't feel shy about making the same thing two years in a row. People often come looking for that delicious item they remember from last year. Make your mark!



Marché des  Enfants


We are bringing back the same great kids' boutique as last year but with some new exciting updates! We will have women’s clothing from great designers such as Mes Demoiselles, Current/Elliott, Kule, Joie, Equipment, VINCE, ALC and more!


We are still looking for donations for interesting new product for kids: clothing, accessories, etc. so if you have any hook-ups please send them our way! We will also have a surprise customization event happening. Look out for future updates for the details! And of course, we need volunteers! It will be a very fun booth so please come join us!



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